Gothenburg is Burning: Expression out of Oppression - In English!

A journey into the artforms LA & NYC's LGBTQ underground communities, Punking/Whacking and Vogue and ballroom culture.

In the wake of Stonewall and the Gay Revolution , two artforms began to flourish within the LGBTQ communities of LA and NYC, Punking/Whacking and Vogue. Join us as we take you on a historical journey on the emergence of these artforms, ballroom culture and how they transformed the world of dance and pop culture as we know it. Here is an opportunity to also meet and greet with the judges of the first West Pride Ball.


7 juni 16.0017.30
Lokalens tillgänglighet:
Tillgänglig för rullstol/permobil. Har stortoalett. Hörslinga.
Arrangör: Alyssa Chloe, Edwin Safary/Expose Dance Festival
Adress: Göteborgs Stadsbibliotek, Götaplatsen 3